Leather Care Instructions

*Oil treatment is provided free of charge, leave a note "Oil Goods" when completing your purchase!

Taking proper care of your leather goods is always recommended.

Although the option of raw finish is provided for vegetable tanned leather, it is best to treat the leather with a coat of mink oil or neatsfoot oil. This will protect your goods from drying out and make them water resistant.

Most conditioners will darken the leather depending on the amount applied.

Natural vegetable tanned leather will darken over time and acquire a patina through natural oils and everyday use.

Oil-tanned leather can be left alone, it will age with everyday use and the oils from the tanning process will continue to come through.

Note* Natural vegetable tanned leather should not come in contact with oil-tanned leather. Oils from the oil-tanned leather will transfer over to the natural vegetable tanned leather, and will stain.

Feel free to e-mail malvadoleather@gmail.com for more information on leather care.